10 Day Celebrity Transformation Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule and Flex Foods
Prep and Dos and Donts
10-Day Transformation Daily Schedule and flex foods

It is very important that you follow this schedule as close as possible. It was scientifically designed to maximize the effect each item you take has on your system. The reason that the Master Amino Acid Pattern is staggered with the Power Shakes is because you want to give the Aminos time to get absorbed into your system before ingesting any other protein sources such as the Power Shake.


10 Day Celebrity Transformation Flex Foods

10-Day Transformation Flex Foods

These flex foods were specifically chosen based upon different properties each of the foods has. It benefits you to stick to this list and not try to add in your own flex foods. The foods on this list are very alkaline and contain specific nutrients to keep you full and full of energy. If you want to see my favorite Flex Foods recipe Click Here

Joe had great results with the Purium 10 Day Transformation!