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Joe Harvey is a Certified Sports Nutritionist that has helped dozens of people detox, get healthy, and lose weight using the power of organic and non-GMO foods. Joe uses the power of the 10-Day Celebrity Transformation to “kickstart” peoples weight loss mission and help them break free of addictions to caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. After you have completed your 10 Day Celebrity Transformation Joe will work closely with you to create a nutrition plan to meet your dietary goals. If a transformation isn’t for you there is no need to worry. Joe can outline a nutrition plan for you to reach your dietary/weight loss goals that fits best into your lifestyle.

Certified Sports Nutritionist

Who should consult with a Certified Sports Nutritionist?

Athletes and sportspersons are increasingly turning to sports nutritionists to improve their nutritional status and optimize their diet so as to maximize their performance and output. This results in more lean mass, less body fat, and greater energy levels. It’s been said that 80% of physical success comes from nutrition. This is also true for non-athletes looking to “reset” their bodies to the way they were designed to function and to look and feel better.

Combining Nutrition and Fitness

For the serious athlete that would like to get on a nutrition plan and a have a custom strength training regimen designed you have come to the right place. Joe is partnered with Joey Taraborelli, CSCS who is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and also the owner of J-Tab Training in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Their history of fitness and nutrition together dates back almost 20 years as they were college volleyball teammates at Eckerd College. The two of them can create a custom designed plan based on your goals and needs!

If you are looking to get healthy and lose weight through the power of organic and non-GMO foods and a proper nutrition program you have come to the right place!

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Certified Sports Nutritionist Certificate