The following Q&A is taken and edited from a call with Dr. Michael Wohlfeld.

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Is it ok to do the 10-Day Cleanse back to back?

The answer to this question is not a one size fits all. It really depends on the individual.

Some people can breeze through and other people just should not do it.

85 to 90 percent of people who do the 10-Day Cleanse back to back do it very well without a problem.

First and foremost let us talk about lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle and a busy job doing back to back cleanse is not a good idea.

Dr. Wohlfield recommends taking five to seven days off between cleanses to practice clean eating. You should continue to use the Master Aminos… have one or two love meals a day with a light organic all natural dinner of your choice. He also highly recommends one of the green drinks, ionic elements and the Apothe-Cherry at bed time too. This will set your body up properly to receive the most benefit from your next cleanse.

Joe uses the carob mint spirulina, Love Meals & power Shakes, Master Aminos and the Ionic Elements and Apothe-Cherry for the five to seven days between the 10-Day Cleanses when doing more than one .

Is it ok to exercise while on the 10-Day cleanse?

When you begin to limit your calories to 600 a day and you begin a detox program you are sending a message to your body and your body says yippee and begins to cleanse itself. The body starts to take the energy it has and adds it to the 600 calories you are giving it and it spends as much of that energy as possible to cleanse itself and sends that energy to the vital organs. The body uses this energy to flush out toxins that have been stored.

Now if you are busy mentally or physically you are sending your body a mixed message. The body becomes confused. You are now telling your body stop sending the energy to my organs to flush out toxins… send it back to my arms and legs so I can run and lift weights or work 10 hours or more a day at a challenging job. This puts a break on the cleanse benefits.

The purpose of the program is not to lose weight. The purpose is rebooting the computer, leaving addiction behind and leaving bad behavior behind. The result is healthy weight. It is the side effect of getting clean and healthy.

What do I eat after the cleanse?

It is vital you eat in a calm environment, chew your food well and eat healthy portions. Start with the flex foods and try your best to eat 90% of your calories before 3pm. Best to introduce food slowly after the cleanse.

Highly recommend first thing in the morning have a warm glass of water with lemon in it. This will flush out the liver. Fifteen minutes later do the Kamut or Barley juice. Best kinds of things to eat after are watermelon, fruits, berries or green apples are best to start with. After organic boiled eggs, raw yogurt or cottage cheese are also good after cleanse food. Remember, your mouth wants more food than your stomach is ready for. Eat slowly so your mouth can catch up with your stomach.

Can you do the Cleanse if you are allergic to gluten?

People who are sensitive to gluten can use the Love Meals vs. the Power Shake. The Love

What can people who are allergic to Spirulina use instead of the Power Shake and the L.O.V.E. Meals?

Get the activated barley, Carrot powder, chlorella and combine 45% barley, 25% carrot powder, 30% chlorella to make the equivalent of the power shake.

Is it ok to have caffeine on the cleanse?


Is it ok to have carbonated beverages while on the cleanse?


Should I stop taking my supplements while on the cleanse?

There’s no need to take any other supplements while on the Cleanse.

What is the best exercise to do while on the cleanse?

The best exercise on the cleanse is very light exercise on the rebounder which is a mini trampoline. You clean out the lymph glands every time you jump up and down.

What is recommended for people who have osteoporosis or osteopenia?

Best combination with OSTEOPINA or Osteoporosis is 4 or 5 servings of Kamut with a squirt of Ionic Elements in it.

What is recommended for people who have joint problems?

Joint problems respond very well to combination of Kamut, ionic minerals, and Joint Flex. Have to load up on the Joint Flex. The older you are the more you have to take to start with. 35 or 40 years old.

Work up to 12 capsules 3 x’s a day, with Kamut juice and shot of ionic elements.

When you start to see real improvement and then take a managed amount. Take a high amount so see an improvement in the issue.

What is recommended for people who have Inflammation?

Cells are starving to death. Cleanse and rebuild. Inflammation is plugged up cells that need to detox they are starving nutritionally.

A lot of products out there, they just talk about inflammation is to reduce the inflammation, but don’t focus on the main point of starving the cells.

That’s why they are inflamed.

Which products are recommended for pregnant women, nursing woman, and children?

All can use the Power Shake, Activated Barley and Tropic Oil.

Activated Barley was created by the Roman Empire. It was given to the gladiators for health.

Power Shake is perfect for nursing.

Pregnant woman can use L.O.V.E. for first trimester and after that Best of Greens, Tropical Oil, Master Amino Acid Patterns, and Power Shake.

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