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2015 Organic Cleanse Day 1 in the Books!

This morning was the end of day 1 of my first Organic Cleanse of 2015. The scale was 3.2 lbs lighter so I lost a few pounds but I am not going to go looking for them. I dont miss them. I do miss the way I sleep when cleansing. I put Danielle down last night at 8:30 and that was it. I woke up and went into my bed a bit later and she followed me into my room a bit later. I woke up at around 7:15 this morning feeling like a champ. Letting life get in the way of these “detoxavacations” isn’t happening again. Not when I can sleep like that. One of the best side effects of chemicals and pesticides getting flushed out of your system is the mental clarity from your brain chemistry being returned to normal and the DEEP sleep that coincides with this. I could go back to bed right now and sleep until tomorrow.

I am reenergized. I am ready to go. I have 17 days until the 1 year anniversary of my first cleanse and that day is also the 24th anniversary of my fathers death. I am stoked to see where I will be in 17 days. From doing this so many times I know I could be under 200 lbs if I wanted to but there is no need to be that light at 6’4″. I am going to shoot for 204.8 which would put me 45 lbs down from where I was on May 8th of last year. Will I go beyond and go for 199.8 to hit the 50 lb mark? I did it before and its a bit thin for me but who knows… with the power of Purium anything is possible.

Until Tomorrow


I am starting another cleanse right after this..jump on board!!

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