Will Eating Organic Help My Cholesterol?

I get asked this question all the time. I would like to think it does. I know I have read that coconut oil helps and I use that to cook and have it daily. I needed to find out the answer for myself. I went to the doctor last week and had all of my blood work done to get the answers (I had not been to the doctor for blood work since well before I went organic).

What is Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of lipid or fat that travels through the bloodstream in particles called lipoproteins. There are two main kinds of lipoproteins: LDL and HDL. Here is a bit about each:

  • Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) are considered the “bad cholesterol” because they can lead to a build-up of plaque in arteries.
  • High-density lipoproteins (HDL) are the good “good cholesterol” because they pick up the LDL clogging your arteries and take it to the liver, where it’s processed and eventually excreted.

Triglycerides are also something important to monitor a they are a type of fat (lipid) in your blood. When you eat, your body converts any calories it doesn’t need to use right away into triglycerides. The triglycerides are stored in your fat cells. Later, hormones release triglycerides for energy between meals. If you regularly eat more calories than you burn, particularly “easy” calories like carbohydrates and fats, you may have high triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia).

Desirable Cholesterol Levels

Now that we know a little about fat lets explore the levels that are desirable.

Total Cholesterol

  • Below 200 mg/dL – Desirable
  • 200-239 mg/dL – Borderline high
  • 240 mg/dL and above – High


LDL cholesterol

  • Below 70 mg/dL – Ideal for people at high risk of heart disease
  • Below 100 mg/dL – Ideal for people at risk of heart disease
  • 100-129 mg/dL – Ideal
  • 130-159 mg/dL – borderline high
  • 160-189 mg/dL – high
  • 190 mg/dL and above – very high


HDL cholesterol

  • Below 40 mg/dL (men) / Below 50 mg/dL (women) – Poor
  • 40-49 mg/dL (men) / 50-59 mg/dL (women) – better
  • 60 mg/dL and above – best



  • Below 150 mg/dL – desirable
  • 150-199 mg/dL – borderline high
  • 200-499 mg/dL – high
  • 500 mg/dL and above – very high


Where did my levels fall?

My doctor reported to me that my levels were as follows:

  • Total Cholesterol – 151
  • HDL – 82
  • LDL – 61
  • Triglycerides – 41


Could a person possibly get better news when seeing a doctor?? They sure can. The Doctor iced the proverbial cake when he told me my blood sugar number was 78 and my blood pressure was 121/70 and my resting pulse was 48. All of these numbers are the best I have ever heard out of a doctor’s mouth and with a father who died of a heart attack at 42 these numbers are EXACTLY why I decided to do a 10 Day Celebrity Transformation Cleanse and kickstart an organic lifestyle.

I have cut out everything bad like bread, pasta, red meat, carbs, and sugar, and added everything that is recommended like coconut oil, wild caught fish, TONS of greens, and more chlorophyll than you can imagine. I think these results speak VOLUMES over the number on a scale or the size clothes I am wearing. I now know from a medical standpoint that everything I am doing has helped me to lose a ton of weight, lose a ton of inches, and get my body chemistry to an optimal state. WOW.

A huge THANK YOU to my “brother from another mother” Socrates Zayas for introducing me to these amazing products and getting me on track to live a long life for my family!!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I am on day 2 of the group cleanse and lost 3.7lbs day 1 and feel amazing!!
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