It’s time to prepare for the August Shred Session

Alright people who is with me for an August Shred Session? I have a few of you on board for August already: Ryan, Tyler, Brian, and Shannon. I am going to put in my order and shred with you guys side by side and work with and motivate you to conquer all. I know Anthony and Shauna have both said that they want to do this next week. It takes a week to get everything so lets go!!

What we are doing: 10 Day Celebrity Transformation

What I am offering:

  • nightly conference calls to discuss what you are going through and to answer questions
  • tips and tricks to succeed
  • business strategy for those of you that want to help your friends lose weight
  • I will customize a meal plan and shopping list for you for after your cleanse for continued success right out of my playbook

    I am offering all of my knowledge to each of you completely free of charge. Everything I have spent hundreds of hours learning I am willing to share. You are all my friends and family. You have seen my personal and physical growth over these last 3 months and I thank each and every one of you for being supportive of me or for hating (haters make me work harder). I have compared prices at pretty much every store and have my daily meals including Purium supplements down to under $10/day and its 100% organic. You CAN NOT BEAT THAT.

    So LET’S GO!! Tomorrow is my 90th day using Purium’s amazing organic GMO free products and look what it has done for me. I am 37 years old and I was 250 pounds, out of shape, no muscle, my face was fat, my neck was fat, everything was covered in fat, and my insides were full of GMO’s and processed food toxins. I lost 17 pounds in my first ten days and have not looked back. In 90 days I have become a completely different person. This could be you!!!

    All I wanna know is..

    Whos Coming With Me?


    Hop on the August Transformation Shred Session and “Transform” your body to the way it was intended to be?

    Click below and then click “Verify” to redeem my gift of $50 to you!

    August Shred Session

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