The Purium Lifestyle

Good evening everyone! I wanted to tell a little story about “The Purium Lifestyle”. I first became aware of Purium and their amazing line of 100% Organic and GMO Free products in early May. To say that this discovery changed my life would be a gross understatement. It has changed my life and the lives of MANY of you that read this blog every day.

Most of you are aware of the changes I have gone through during my new-found journey of health. People ask me what kind of lifestyle change I have gone through to see such results and I answer “I am living the Purium Lifestyle”. This does not mean that my life revolves around these products at all. What it means is that I have incorporated Purium products into my daily life.

Let me first explain “what Purium means” It is two words combined to form one: Pure + Premium = Purium. These products are made from the finest organic whole food ingredients on the market from organic spirulina to organic cracked-cell chlorella. There are countless advantages to adding all of these green organic whole foods to my diet like sleeping better, gut health, weight loss, improved circulation, etc.. Not only do I look better but I feel amazing from the time I get up until my head hits the pillow. My workouts are amazing and the mental focus I have now is ridiculous.

The benefits of these products are not just for people trying to lose weight. EVERYONE benefits from incorporating this type of nutrition into their diet. I have so many people say “what makes Purium better than Advocare or HerbaLife. The answer is simple.. Puriums products are 100% organic, GMO Free, and contain zero synthetic ingredients which is NOT the case for ViSalus, HerbaLife, Advocare, Shakeology, etc.. Those products can help you lose weight but they are not going to improve your overall health. Ridding our bodies of GMO’s and processed food toxins is a MUST in this day and age of “food like substances” that are sold in grocery stores. There isn’t a single person that has come to me to make a change and done a 10 Day Transformation that has not thanked me up and down when they were finished. They feel AMAZING and their outlook on food changes completely. If you have been reading this blog and dont need to lose weight but think that getting healthier for yourselves or your children is something you would like to do, I am here for you.

A quick story. I have a friend from college who’s mother has battled her weight for years. He recommended she read my blog and she reached out to me via Facebook. Not only did she lose a dozen pounds in 10 days but she said “Thanks Joe. I never thought I would say this but I want to continue with another 20 days. The biggest thing for me is the energy I have gotten since starting the transformation. I have an overabundance of energy now”. I have countless stories of people that I have never met who have had their lives change because I sit here every day blogging to try and educate as many people as possible and they reached out and made a change. I am helping people to better their lives and “THAT” is the Purium lifestyle.

“The Purium Lifestyle is based on Real Fast Food and Real Fast Benefits. Whether your goal is to lose weight, boost energy, slow down your biological aging process or speed up your athletic performance we have a product pack that will be perfect for you.
I guarantee it.”

David Sandoval – Purium Owner

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The Purium Lifestyle

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