TL; DR: Are the transformations of people I see online a result of the Cleanse or the results of working out, starving themselves, etc.? In my case, it’s the cleanse alone.

Hey folks! This is especially for those who are on the fence, skeptical, struggling through Cleanse #1, or thinking, “Well, all these great results are for people who become calorie-counting gym rats after the cleanse, that’s not me.”

I wanted to do a “control” for my first cleanse. Would a 10 Day Cleanse simply make you shed weight and then once you stopped, you gained all this water weight back like some bad late night infomercial???

HELL NO! One month after the 10 Day cleanse, I am at the same weight as I was at Day “11”. I have not yo-yo’ed, I have not starved myself, I have not become a gym rat. I have the occasional burger, the occasional soda. I have not turned into a vegan, paleo, crossfit cultist who now walks 3 miles a day. I am still ME — and that’s a good thing.

Now for the background:
– I’m 37, 6’3″ and was 230 pounds per cleanse.
– Since my early 20s I’ve floated between 210 and 235.
– Gaining weight and muscle was never an issue. I’d work out, gain muscle (lose fat), and never get below 215
– Don’t drink (much), don’t smoke, don’t ingest caffeine on a regular basis
The Cleanse:
– I wrote up a bit back in late August; search the group and my name and you’ll find my observations
– Easiest thing I’ve done in my life — no exaggeration. This is easier than any of these: starving yourself for two months, going to the gym, learning to ride a motorcycle, installing your wireless router
– I experienced zero withdrawal symptoms from sugar or caffeine as some have mentioned — but I’m an odd duck. It seems that if you have a caffeine addiction, you should plan for that
– The most enlightening part was separating my brain’s desire for food (the experiential and sensory part) with the stomach’s desire for being sated. These are DIFFERENT!
– I had a flex food once every other day. I’d have a passing craving and usually let it pass. I’d ask myself, “Do I really need this food?”
The Results
– End of August: I lost 17 pounds in 10 Days including 4″ at the waist and at least 1″ at the hips
– End of September: Still at 208 pounds. Feel great. Actually feel leaner than I was at the end of August
Next Steps:
– 10 Day Cleanse #2. I’ll likely start it in the next week or two after taking a look at the calendar
– I’m hopeful this will get me under the 200 pound barrier — which has been my glass “floor” for 15 years
– After Cleanse #2, keep going with either the L.O.V.E. or the Cleanses shakes from time to time to supplement — they’re great when you don’t have time for a proper meal and the convenient food is garbage
A huge thank you to Joe Harvey and Socrates “CrazyTrain” Zayas for cluing me in to this super food!

– Andrew Wood –Steadfast Purification