Started from the Bottom now I’m HERE!

Good afternoon everyone! TGIF! I hope everyone has had a great week. School has started and the season is about to change. I have seen so many photos of your little ones starting school in the past week and it dawned on me… my parents never took pictures of my siblings and I on our first day of school. Weird right? Maybe not I mean they didn’t take pictures of their dinner and mail them to their friends either so I guess the times are changing. Speaking of the times are changing… there is no better time to make a change than today. 6 people jumped on board the September Shred Session so far and we are gonna push it back a week and see if we can’t get a dozen more of you on board.

This month is going to be different because we now have a shred session for those of you that don’t need to lose weight but want to detox and gain lean muscle ( 10 Day Athletes Transformation)as well as the transformation for those of you that wanna get lean and mean ( 10 Day Celebrity Transformation). Whether its weight you wanna lose or weight you wanna gain we are ready and we are going to do it while ridding your bodies of GMO’s and processed food toxins and make you feel great, lose weight, and sleep better!

Its Friday…make a decision to take hold of your health. Don’t decide to start your diet on Monday. Make the decision to make your lifestyle change today!!

Remember that you cannot go back and start a new beginning but you can start TODAY and make a new ending!!!
Until Tomorrow!!


Make the decision to MAKE A CHANGE and “Transform” your body to the way it was intended to be?

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Round 5 Day 3

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