Shark Week is Here!

Here we are again: that amazing week in August dedicated to all things shark. Honestly I was always intrigued by sharks but a few years ago my best friend got bit by a massive 12 foot Bull Shark and it almost killed him. He was almost 200 feet under water spearfishing and the shark bit his calf twice. He lost a bit of his calf and a LOT of blood. His story is actually being aired on Discovery Canada this week and I will share the video once it becomes available. Thankfully this story has a happy ending as he is doing well today and gets better and stronger each day. He is going to do his first 10 Day Transformation this week and I find it ironic that he is going to start this transformation during “Shark Week”.

It is my duty as his best friend to do a 10 Day Transformation with him and help to guide him on this journey of health so we are gonna crush this together. I am very excited about this as I know just how much ridding your body of GMO’s and processed food toxins helps you to feel and look better. I am going to document his every step pre/during/post to see if “organic therapy” can help other people who have had traumatic injuries to heal faster.

I have 5 other people that are going to transform with us and have room to coach up to 5 more. Take a bite out of your health and jump on board! The only thing you have to lose is unwanted weight!

Until tomorrow!


Hop on the “Shark Week” Transformation and transform your body to the way it was intended to be?

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Shark Week transformation