September Boot Camp From Your Couch

Good morning everyone! I am putting together a “nationwide bootcamp” for September whereby we get a group of at least 20 people together that want to feel amazing and help a friend or a loved one at the same time. This will be the “September Boot Camp From Your Couch” because your job is to do a 10 Day Transformation which requires that you do not exercise or do anything stressful for 10 days. Losing weight while relaxing on your couch. Amazing.

If you are reading this that means you know me and at least 1-2 other people that have made a change to get healthy with me. Over 100 of you have jumped on board and are now sharing the gift of health with your friends and family and I am meeting new people every day. Feeling good is infectious. September is here on Monday and for those of you up north that means its going to start getting cold and its the beginning of football season and then winter which means the tans go “bye bye” and the fall/winter weight says “hello”. Don’t let it happen! Gaining weight every winter and then trying to “lose weight for the summer” is dangerous and obviously not good for you. Break the cycle! If you come on board your entire outlook on food and your health WILL change.

Lets go! you can message me on Facebook or email me at [email protected]

I am pumped for this lets make a change together!


Get in on the September Boot Camp From Your Couch!

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