Round 5 here we come!

Here we are once again on the eve of another 10 Day Transformation and I am feeling GREAT! I have done 3 regular 10 Day Transformations and 1 Hybrid 10 Day Transformation since May 8th. Since the first day of my last hybrid transformation (July 11th – July 21st) I have been in the gym every morning before 7am. In the last month I have put on some nice muscle and have been taking Purium products daily as the foundation of my diet with the Super Male Formula, L.O.V.E. Super Meal and Master Amino Acid Pattern leading the way. I think I have enough muscle on me that it is finally time to get the rest of this pesky fat off of them and see what I have created.

Tomorrow I am starting Day 1 with my two best friends in the entire world. One I see all the time as we live near one another and the other lives far away but I love him like a brother. This will be the first cleanse for both of them and I am so excited its ridiculous. I am so happy that they are jumping on the green train as I know their lives will be forever improved from doing this. I just heard from another one of my closest friends tonight that he is down 13 pounds after 6 days and feeling amazing. I love the way I feel and being able to help my closest friends and family feel this way makes me feel even better inside. I am helping people live a better life by offering my knowledge and guidance with no strings attached and ask nothing in return. Sharing health with those around you is beyond words. I hope that if you are reading this and you have even considered ridding your body of GMO’s and processed food toxins that you reach out. I am here to help. I want each and every one of you to naturally feel as good as I do on a daily basis. Alright time to hit the hay because sleep is the key to shredding the pounds!

Until Tomorrow!


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