Day 9

10 Day Celebrity Transformation Round 3, Day 9

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone is home relaxing on this beautiful Sunday. This morning marks the end of Round 3, Day 9 for me and I am happy to report that things are going according to plan. I have added in cardio and strength training for the past four days and started adding the L.O.V.E Supermeal yesterday to start putting on some good clean muscle. This isn’t the “normal” 10 Day Transformation but the “Athletes Protocol” that my friend and nutrition coach Mark Martell developed. Mark is the best at devising a plan to follow to maximize your workouts and be as healthy as possible. I think he is partially the reason why I am in the midst of my Certified Sports Nutritionist Training as we speak.

I want to learn as much as possible about how the body works and how to best fuel it for maximum results and minimum recovery time while staying organic. I am off the whole “weight loss” part of this and am more interested in losing inches in some places and gaining inches (muscle) in others now that I have shredded down. I just got home from bringing the baby shopping with me as literally none of my clothes fit. When I started this journey I was a size 38 waist and that was SNUG. I just finished shopping and now a 34 waist is a bit baggy and a 33 waist is a bit snug. Awesome! My shirt size went from a snug XL to swimming in a L or wearing a M which fits perfectly…the only downside is now that a Medium fits perfectly is that I cant find one long enough for me! I guess there are always problems with finding clothes that fit!

On another note, the people I am coaching through transformations right now are doing extremely well. I got a lot of great messages this morning about great weight loss totals, abs starting to appear, energy levels being up, and all while being 100% Vegan and GMO Free!!! I have 3 people starting Transformations tomorrow and I am excited for them. Tomorrow morning is my last day so I am looking for 7 more people that want to make a change and lose some weight for the summer. If this is you, send me a private message. Alright time for some cardio I hope you all have a great day!