10 Day Celebrity Transformation Round 3, Day 7

Good morning everyone!!! TGIF!! I am so happy to report that all 6 people I am coaching through transformations at the moment are doing very well! I have 3 people starting Day 1 today as well so that brings the total to 9 people that are making a change right this minute! I am proud to say that my beautiful wife is one of the 3 people on Day 1 today!! She is gonna rock! I love you Honey!

For me, being on day 8 right now means I am on cruise control. I am not seeing the numbers on the scale like people on their first transformation because 30 days of these Master Aminos is really building some nice clean muscle. I am gaining muscle while losing fat so the inches are flying off!! Id rather lose inches than numbers on the scale at this point!

So many of you have reached out inquiring about this to me so I have dedicated a part of this site to the results of people that have transformed with me. The reason is because some of you may know them and seeing this work for people you know means more than seeing 1,000 ads on the internet. As people finish, we will post before/after photos, stats, measurements, etc so you can see the results for yourself.

Just remember…

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