After 6 Days Goood mooooorningeveryjuaaan!!! I just finished day 1 of my current 10 day transformation and 21st day overall- blackjack! I came out of Friday the 13th unscathed which is more than I can say for some of my friends (though I would trade my 11 hour work day yesterday with two certification tests for golfing and getting stuck down the Cape carless- John I still feel bad buddy its Fathers Day weekend I hope you got home safe). I literally got home from work yesterday, played with the baby for an hour, and fell asleep.This morning I feel fantastic! I weighted in at 212.6 which means I dropped 3.6 pounds yesterday!!!! My plan of putting on good clean lean muscle between cleanses is working like a charm. I look thinner and in better shape today than I did at 203 a week ago.I have to say that I am super impressed with many of the people I am coaching right now: I have one person that was down 7.3 pounds after two days yesterday and another that was down over 10lbs after day 4. I heard a fantastic story from a woman who finished her 10 Day Transformation yesterday and I want to share it with all of you. Jenny Carter is the co-owner and trainer at Crazytrain Crossfit at 1016 Clare Ave in West Palm Beach (click here to check them out). Jenny was what we would all consider in amazing shape before her transformation and she was as solid as a rock from her Crossfit training. Jenny did her 10 Days and lost 10 pounds (who would have guessed she had 10 pounds to lose??) and she went from diesel to absolutely SHREDDED!

After 6 Days

No she didnt work out during her cleanse and yes she had all this muscle on her already. I wanted to point out Jenny’s transformation for two reasons: #1 – no matter how fit you think you are, this 10 Day Transformation will take you to the next level. #2 – I know a lot of you think cleansing your body of processed foods and GMOs isnt necessary because you think you are already healthy. Jenny’s diet is definitely cleaner than almost anyone I know and look at what it did for her! That brings me to my next point, if you order a transformation, make sure you let me know when you are going to start and lets go through this together. Too many people try to do it on their own and without fail they do not have the information or the support to be successful. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask for help. I ask questions every day. I always need help. I enjoy working with others. Alright its time to hit the golf course as its Father’s Day weekend and mowing the lawn can wait! I hope everyone has a healthy day!