Rise and shine! Another great night of sleep in the books and my experiment yesterday went AMAZING! Weighed in today at 203.4 lbs which is even from yesterday and down 16.8 from the start of this but boy do I have news for you. Yesterday I had my amino pills first thing and a shake for breakfast. Next, I went out to lunch and had chicken pad Thai and sashimi and then had my shake. I took my afternoon aminos and then had my next shake while cooking 2 lbs of wild caught salmon and making zucchini pasta with organic sauce with baby sweet peppers. I had two helpings of fish with my zucchini pasta and two glasses of an amazing Macon-Villages. I had all the stuff I would normally have on a cleanse day plus two huge meals and two glasses of wine and gained nothing.. awesome. It was a great reaction from my body for reintroducing carbs from the rice noodles and protein from the fish and chicken to it. Had i skipped going out for lunch I am sure I would have been down about 1/2 lb. No matter it was a great result and I am learning about my body chemistry every day. That is the most important thing to take away from all this: learn. Learn your triggers, learn to make healthy choices, learn to listen to your body. Well tonight will be the end of day 10 and I am going to do some serious damage to my “results” as Mom is in town and I am taking her to Kelly’s Landing in Fort Lauderdale for Lobster and steamers for her birthday dinner tonight. Not ordering whole belly clams with tartar sauce would be the equivalent of a junkie walking away from a fix while thinking about that “comfortably numb” feeling they get when high. Dedication is all about being strong of mind. The weak minded cave and the strong minded overcome. Have a great day everyone and until tomorrow #LiveGreen