Good morning everyone!! Yesterday was a long day and I had quite a few periods of time with heavy exercise and lifting weight so it was not optimal for a cleanse. I did go “off cleanse” as I had to move some huge pieces of furniture yesterday and I had a softball game so I had some steamed veggies, a salas, and seaweed salad for lunch to load up on carbs for all the exercising I did between 6 and 9 pm. Thank God I did as I was wiped out after all that. I woke up today at 203.4 so I lost another pound since yesterday and 16.8 pounds in 8 days. I am going to stop this “cleanse” today for a hybrid version and move to my shakes twice a day and eating a vegan diet for my meal or two for the weekend and working out to see how my weight will fluctuate while working out and adjust my diet. The reason for doing this now is like most of you, I work all week so the weekend is the best time to get a good barometer on dient, exercise, and nutrition. Monday I am going to start another 10 days or finsih this one depending on how you look at it. I am almost at my goal of 195 and once there its time to put on some good quality muscle. I hope everyone has a great Friday and I will talk to you all tomorrow

After 8 Days