Rise and grind! TGIM! I am thankful to wake up once again, and be healthy and happy. To be alive is a gift. To be healthy is a choice. I just hit the scale and I am proud to report I broke the 210 barrier and weighed in at 209.8! 3.8 more pounds to go to be a half inch taller than the UFC Light Heavyweight Champ and be walking around at the weight he cuts to.
I am excited to hear how everyone is doing today that is mid cleanse themselves. It gets easier every day until it becomes a habit like anything else. What did I weigh when you first thought of asking me about what I was doing? How much have I lost since then? GMOs and processed foods have no place in our bodies and I am living proof. Those of you that grew up with me can attest to the fact that I was always chubby until my senior year of high school. Never again. One big difference between you and I (if you ever teased me about being overweight) is I won’t tease you, (and from looking at my timeline, all of you are more overweight now than I was then) I actually want to help. I know the reason I was overweight. GMOs.
The low fat foods I ate were not able to be processed by my body because they are not natural. If you are eating a “low fat” diet, you are not losing weight. You are poisoning yourself. How many of our peers have died of cancer or illness at a ridiculously young age? How many of us have children with congenital issues? My hand is raised. I have lost friends. I am here to help change that for us all. Are you floating around lost in a sea of darkness, overweight and unhappy ? Let me be a beacon of light to guide you to shore. Jump on board. Get healthy for your children. Don’t become a statistic. Get busy living! Time to make Monday my bitch! Have a great day everyone!

After 4 Days