Good Morning Everyone!! Today is a proud day for me. A few of you put your trust in me and Bill Yacona finished day 1 this morning and lost 3.2 lbs after 1 day! He isn’t sitting home reading about getting healthy or “doing it tomorrow”. He made a choice to rid his body of GMOs and processed food toxins and lose pure fat. As for myself, My mistress Ms. Scale just rang me in at 214.2 which means I lost 3.4 lbs on day 2! Amazing. I mixed in some core work and push-ups on the baby’s play may last night and boy do the results speak for themselves! I down 6 lbs in 2 days and it’s not “water weight” like all of you sitting home not doing anything to better yourselves are saying as an excuse to not get healthy. I am drinking over 180 ounces per day so its not “water weight”. I have done this before and it works. I have 4 friends doing it as we speak and another about to start. I have room for 5 more people this session that want to be coached through losing 15 lbs in 10 days. Stop doing things “next week” or “Monday” and take control of your life. Over 30 of you have inquired and apparently you are all on the “think about it diet”. Thinking about it doesn’t get you results. Making a change gets you results. Your move Chief….

After 3 Days