Transformation #2 Complete!! I must preface this by stating that I ate a salad with salmon on it for lunch after a morning of rigorous work in the yard in 95 degree heat. My mother, Danielle, and I did some swimming afterwards and then I took my mother out for dinner at Kelly’s Landing in Fort Lauderdale for her birthday. On the menu: clam chowder, Steamers, a 2lb Maine Lobster,(some onion rings) and 2 Harpoon IPA’s. I cannot believe that I didnt have their whole belly fried clams with tartar sauce. I am proud. I stepped on the scale this morning down .2 lbs after that cheat meal. Awesome! I just finished my measurements and have not yet compared them to the last time so here goes nothing:

1st Start1st FinishChange2nd startTodayChangeTotal Change

Pics to come later but I am headed out for breakfast!! I lost more inches this time and am pretty close to my goal weight. I incorporated more food and more exercise this time due to life circumstances like games, having to move things, yard work in 95 degree heat, etc. Moving forward its time to go next level and start a full time workout schedule with Puriums prodcuts for athletes and products for men. I may cleanse few days this week to get rid of the cheat meal from last night and will definitely start another after 10 days of working out. 10 on, 10 off. Thats the way to go. Shred fat, nourish yourself with perfect green nutrition and keep your body happy, and feel great!! Until tomorrow I hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

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