Purium’s Membership “MAY”hem

I dont even know where to begin so I am just going to come out and say it. You can become a member of the Purium Lifestyle Club for only $1 this month (May 2015). Thats right. For just $1 you can get a lifetime membership that will give you a 30% discount on all of Purium’s Non-GMO, whole food, products. This is pure, fresh, concentrated food with no artificial ingredients, no GMO’s, and no middlemen to lower the quality or increase the price. The ingredients in all of Purium’s products come fresh from the farm direct to your family. Organic whole food nutrition for $20/day.

A Lifetime Membership for Just $1

These discounts extend to all products for life. 30% off and $9.95 shipping on all orders. The only thing you need to do to keep your membership in good standing is to buy something just once a year. These are the products that are included in the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation and The 10 Day Athletes Transformation. This includes Super Amino 23 (formerly the Master Amino Acid Pattern) and The LOV Supermeal which is a certified organic, gluten free, GMO free superfood that contains 23 organic ingredients.

They are offering this $1 membership in conjunction with redeeming a $50 gift card (click here to redeem) while purchasing one of their many amazing 10 Day Transformations. Normally the membership is $75 and the $50 gift card goes toward 2/3 of it and then you buy the transformation. NOW, they take the $50 off the cost of the transformation and charge you just $1 for the membership. This means that you can get a 10 Day Transformation or a 10 Day Athletes Transformation Cleanse for just $215.95 delivered right to your door.

If you have been reading this blog and have seen the results and thought “I should try that”, there has never been a better time. We have seen professional athletes, personal trainers, stay at home moms, C-level executives, union members, bartenders, computer programmers, writers, Division 1 athletes, and many more lose between 5-25 pounds in just 10 days all while breaking their food addictions and bad eating habits. Now is the time!!

To jump on board just go to https://liveorganic.info/redeem/, enter your info, and choose choice #2 “join” and start on your road to a healthier you while losing weight and having renewed energy.

If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected] or give me a call at 561-704-2754.