May 8th vs. June 26th

Purium 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Results

As I sat down tonight to reflect on my day it dawned on me…I made a lifestyle change on the anniversary of my fathers death exactly 7 weeks ago to the day. I wanted to take a day that has meant death to me for 23 years and change it into something else. I changed it into my rebirth. I changed it into my quest for health. I changed May 8th into a day that I will no longer look upon as a dark day but instead as a day that I decided to make a change BECAUSE of my fathers death.

What Happened?

My father had a heart attack while he was sleeping at age 41. He left my mother with 3 young children to care for and no one to provide for them. He did this because he didn’t take care of his body. It was not intentional. He worked too much, ate too much, and exercised too little. His diet was all meat and potatoes. He did all of the things that I was doing just 7 short weeks ago.

As I woke up on May 8, 2014 I said to myself “I will not do to my wife and daughter what my father did to us. I am not going to continue to work too much, eat wrong, and exercise too little”. It was on this morning that I started my first 10-Day Celebrity Transformation. I was determined to lose weight and get healthy from the inside out. I wanted to choose something that was 100% organic and GMO free to free my body of GMO’s and processed food toxins. I wanted to break my addiction to caffeine.

A New Lifestyle

As I reflect back on the last 7 weeks I can see that I have made a complete lifestyle change. I have literally changed the course of my future and the future of my family. I am living an organic and GMO free lifestyle and I have NEVER felt better. I am proud to say that I have also coached dozens of people in the last 7 weeks that decided to make a change of their own. I am coaching people as we speak that have come to me and said that they too want to live a long time to see their kids grow up and play with their grandchildren. Most say “I am just going to do this for 10 days and then go back to eating the way I was I just want to lose weight”. This rarely happens. Once your addiction to processed foods, caffeine, and sugar is broken you feel fantastic and want to continue to live healthy. Your taste buds are free from seeking acidic foods and beverages.

Do YOU Need to Make a Change?

I just finished coaching a group through their 10-Day Transformations and am opening up to take on 8 more people that want to make a change. You can get 90 day results in 10 days and free your body from food addictions and cleanse yourself of GMO’s and processed food toxins. Do you need to lose weight? Do you have unhealthy eating habits? Do you have a family and want to be around to see them for a long time? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions send me a message. I am here to help. You have nothing to lose but inches all over your body.

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Purium 10-Day Celebrity Transformation Results