Prepping for our Booth at the NPC Dayana Cadeau on Saturday

This Saturday October 25th the team from Live Organic and Body BING Body BOOM will have a table set up at the NPC Dayana Cadeau Classic at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. We will have a table set up with TONS of amazing organic and non-GMO products for you to try. Our own “Socrates “CrazyTrain” Zayas will be competing in the Masters Physique Competition so come out and cheer him on.

Tomorrow morning I am going to start a 10 Day Athletes Transformation so that I can look as good as possible for the day of the event. Our philosophy at Live Organic and Body BING Body BOOM is to represent ourselves as true “products of the product” and show people what is possible through the power of phytonutrients and an organic and non-GMO lifestyle. We pride ourselves on practicing what we preach and want to always “look the part”. This is in direct contrast to many in our industry who are just “in it for the money” and don’t practice what they preach.

We are Products of the Product

Can you imagine buying a product for athletes from someone who has clearly never used and benefitted from the products themselves? This is the one thing that drives us to work harder. We see too many people running around trying to push products that they have used infrequently just to make a buck. We use our products EVERY DAY and they are a part of our lifestyle to the point that we carry our stuff with us 24/7. We set ourselves up for success by never being in the situation where we have to make a poor food choice because we always have whole, raw, organic nutrition with us at all times. We are tired of seeing out of shape people push products for athletes and overweight people push products to lose weight. It doesnt make sense to follow the lead of someone that isn’t being a true leader and showing you the way. Too many are sitting idly talking about it and counting their money. We want to raise the bar in the nutrition game.

Come on out and see the results for yourself this Saturday at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts
at 2855 Coral Springs Drive Coral Springs,FL 33065. The day starts at 10am and the finals are at 7pm.


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