Post Thanksgiving Group Cleanse

Thats right, The Author of the Green Foods Bible and our fearless leader David Sandoval is leading a huge group of people (including myself) on a 10 Day Celebrity Transformation Cleanse right before the Holidays. This cleanse has helped thousands of people lose weight by cleansing their bodies from the inside out through detoxing you from GMO’s and processed food toxins. There is no better time to lose weight than after the long Thanksgiving weekend to get ready for Christmas and New Years! I myself hope to lose about 15 lbs in the 10 days following Thanksgiving and I can help you lose weight too!

We are going to hold daily motivational and educational calls every night for the 10 Days. This AMAZING Post Thanksgiving Group Cleanse is running from December 1 through December 10th. If you have thought about doing a cleanse, have done a cleanse, or have people interested in doing a cleanse, this is a BIG opportunity to learn from the man that created it!

I am soo excited and hope that many of you that have reached out and have not pulled the trigger will consider learning and being coached by the master himself!

Fill out the contact form for more info or call me at 561-704-2754.

Until Tomorrow!!


The 10 Day Celebrity Transformation
Natural | Raw | Organic | Vegan | Pure
NO Artificial Colors, Sweeteners, Flavors
NO GMO, NO Radiation, NO Chemicals
NO Fillers, Excess Sugar, Excess Fat
High in Nutrients, Low in Calories

Get Your Body Ready for the Holidays with the Post Thanksgiving Group Cleanse!

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Post Thanksgiving Group Cleanse

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