Are PC’s the GMO’s of the Computer World?

I was talking to a friend about his overall health issues and weight loss goals and his computer kept crashing. I asked if he had a Mac or a PC (knowing full well the answer) and I found out that not only did he need a bodily cleanse, he needed a technical cleanse as well. PC’s have a neverending string of problems from the minute you take them out of the box until the time you finally upgrade to a Mac (or throw the PC away). I searched online for some remote technical support for him and his PC and found a company called My biggest issue with doing this was the number of remote tech support scams I hear about on a daily basis.

Doing Research into E-Racer Tech

I told my buddy about the amount of remote tech support scams I hear about so we did some research into E-Racer Tech LLC and my buddy comes back to me with “yeah well what about all the weight loss scams out there these days?” We both chuckled as he has seen my results first hand and knows a few of my friends who have also had great success with the cleanse and he apologized. So back to E-Racer Tech. We gave them a call and they were able to fix the malware issue he had on his PC after running a scan and finding the problem. Problem solved. No scam. No huge price tag. I was impressed. I would have been even more impressed with my friend if he had a Mac and didn’t have a PC with Malware problems in the first place. Pc’s need anti-virus, malware programs, etc which are problems I just don’t have with my MacBook. Thankfully for PC owners E-Racer Tech exists. It made me draw a parallel between PC’s and GMO’s. Your body works optimally without GMO’s just like your business works optimally without PC’s.

Purium and Mac, a winning combination for health and business. I am 100% GMO Free and 100% PC Free since early 2014!