Organic Mac and Cheese

Danielle and I just came in after spending most of the day floating around in the pool and she picked out her box of organic mac and cheese from the pantry. Her choices were all from Annie’s and were: organic shells with cheddar, organic white shells with cheddar, and traditional organic mac and cheese. All three choices are USDA Certified Organic.

organic mac and cheese x 3

Even with Annie’s you have to watch out as some of their macaroni and cheese products are “made with organic pasta” but the cheese isn’t organic. I would much rather have conventional pasta with organic cheese than this choice of theirs. I personally believe this is offered just to “play into the organic food fad” because anyone who knows anything about nutrition would rather have the organic ingredients swapped. The reason we go with the full Certified Organic is so we know the cheese comes from cows that are not all pumped full of hormones and antibiotics. Be careful when shopping for it and avoid the “made with organic pasta” choices and stay full organic.

Anyways I am babbling about organic mac and cheese but if any of you read my post about “bacon and eggs the healthy way” you know that I have an amazing bacon Danielle and I make for breakfast on weekends. “The bacon we use is from pigs that are fed a vegetarian diet and are raised without antibiotics, it has no added nitrites or nitrates, it is from a better cut of meat on the pig, and it only has 6 total ingredients.” Danielle made bacon and gluten free pancakes this morning and I have 10 pieces of bacon left in the fridge. My timeline is always filled with pictures of mac and cheese and bacon everything because its the “in thing” to post about. Everyone has that one Facebook Friend who is obsessed with bacon and all their friends post bacon pics on their wall all the time. This got me to thinking. A healthy version of Shells with White Cheddar and then also with bacon?? Hell yeah. I am with it.

organic mac and cheese

Danielle got her normal “organic mac and cheese” and I got some food porn gourmet shit and kept it clean.