Master Amino Acid Pattern / Super Amino 23™ – Muscle in a Bottle!!

Many of you that read this blog have done a 10 Day Athletes Transformation Cleanse and have seen the AMAZING results that its has to offer: increased muscle mass, increased muscle hardness, fat loss, increased energy, increased endurance, faster muscle recovery, and increased body protein synthesis. Some of us have been doing this transformation for months before it even existed on the Purium website. We have seen people from every walk of life benefit from this nutrition program including world class cyclists, UFC Champions, college athletes, doctors, high school athletes, soccer moms, computer geeks, bartenders, dog walkers, and biochemists. You name it, they have seen gains from it.

I think the key to the entire program is the Master Amino Acid Pattern. This is one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in nutrition and it is so revolutionary that I have heard it referred to as “Muscle in a Bottle”. I have heard stories of a quadriplegic who was given the Master Amino Acid Pattern daily for 6 months and got 6 pack abs. I have heard stories of colon cancer patients taking it for nutrition to keep muscle on them and they do not even have a colon remaining. I have personally looked in the mirror in the bathroom and at my gym daily for the last 5 months and seen with my own eyes the incomprehensible results of taking the Master Amino Acid Pattern DAILY. Muscles get harder and stronger and fat disappears.

I have found a website that has some awesome videos about the Master Amino Acid Pattern and explains all of the clinical trials it has been through and the results of those trials. These videos explain how the Master Amino Acid Pattern can help you no matter who you are or what you are doing. Check it out for yourself at


Purium has rebranded the Master Amino Acid Pattern as Super Amino 23™. This is the same great Amino Acid supplement with a new name!