Losing Weight is 99% Mental


Recently I get asked what I am doing to lose weight a few times every day. My answer is “I changed my mentality”. They usually reply “but how much cardio do you do every day?”. Cardio is great and is a good part of any workout routine but have you ever noticed that most people you see doing cardio are overweight? On my way to the gym every morning I see 20-30 people in my neighborhood out walking and running and the lions share of them are overweight. If they do an hour of cardio every day, how is it possible that they are overweight? The answer is simple…the other 23 hours of the day.

Getting in shape is 10% what you do during your hour in the gym and 90% what you do between the time you leave the gym one day and arrive back at the gym the next day. I lost a ton of weight without working out just by changing my mentality about food. Food is the key to getting in shape. You can work out for 3 hours a day and be overweight because your diet is no good. Why is your diet no good? Your mentality.

People are mentally addicted to bad food. They crave carbs and refined sugars and eating them makes them “think” they feel better or are satiated. This is a mental issue. They key to the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation is that during those 10 days your mentality towards food choices and portion size changes. The 10 Day Transformation breaks your addictions to sugar, caffeine, and carbs. Most people I have worked with make VASTLY better food choices after they finish their cleanse because their mentality has changed. They are set up for success.

I am a perfect example of someone whose mentality has changed as just a few minutes ago I had a snack of organic carrots and organic hummus. I literally felt guilty eating at 9:45 pm because I have learned to get on an eating schedule and stick to it. I have been putting on a LOT of muscle so I know that I was hungry because my cells needed nourishment, not because I was eating due to boredom or some addiction’s craving. I am cognizant of the fact that I now eat strictly just to fuel my body. It is this mental change that allows me to succeed for the first time in my life and to get into amazing shape. Keeping a daily food and workout diary here helps keep me accountable for what I take in and what I am working off to have continued success.

Here is my exercise schedule and food intake for the day:

7:00 7 Master Amino Acid Pattern, 1 Revive It All, 2 astaxanthin and 2 RENEW Hair, Skin, & Nails
8:00- Gym Session

  • 15 sets decline sit-ups (15 reps)
  • 6 sets hanging knee raises(15 reps)
  • 30 mins cardio shadow boxing in steam room
    9:30 LOVE (2 scoops)/Power Shake(2 scoops) 1 Revive It All, 2 astaxanthin, and 7 MAPs
    11:30 7 Master Amino Acid Pattern
    1:30 4oz grilled hormone free chicken breast and 8oz organic vegetable medley
    4:30 7 Master Amino Acid Pattern
    7:45 Organic Vegetables with organic kidney beans sauteed in organic coconut oil and 8oz grilled hormone free chicken
    9:30 Apothe Cherry 1 Revive It All, and 2 astaxanthin

    If you are serious about wanting to make a REAL change and get healthy reach out to me. I am available for all of you and have gone so far as to become a Certified Sports Nutritionist during the last two months to learn even more about exactly how the body works and what type of nutrition plan will work for you.

    Until tomorrow!


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