Round 6 Day 1 is Underway!

Here we go again!!! Its time for another crazy 10 Days of energy, greens, aminos, and cracked cell chlorella!! Thats right, I am adding a twist to this 10 Day Transformation and adding a tsp of Cracked Cell Chlorella to all of my Power Shakes. Other than that, this will be the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation Cleane in its purest form but I am going to knuckle up and stay away from flex foods completely and use cracked cell chlorella and spirulina in water for my flex.

The 10 Day Transformation is more than just a cleanse, it is a test of your mental fortitude. The people that quit midway through dont quit because they are hungry, they quit because they are not strong of mind. The first thing I hear from people after their cleanse is “I am so proud of myself for finishing, I had doubts half way through but said to myself that I have come this far and I need to finish strong.” This is EXACTLY what you need because the cleanse is BREAKING FREE from bad eating habits and food addictions. When you come to the point where you want to quit and you choose NOT TO, that is when you are beating your food addictions into the ground never to return. You come out the other end of your cleanse feeling great, losing weight, and having conquered your mental and physical food addictions. You cleanse your mind, body, and soul and make peace with the new and improved you.

This morning being the start of Round 6 Day 1 I took my measurements and weight. I have been working out quite a bit lately and have climbed up to 214.1 lbs. I am happy with this but am even more excited to shred off some more fat that has been lingering this entire time. The longer I live healthy the more I realize that I was packing on fat and toxins for YEARS and that this wasnt going to be an overnight thing to get rid of it all. My progress has been good and I have the recipe for success. A lot of you have come on board and I have seen so many lives changed for the better and the testimonials and results speak for themselves. I am lazy and have not posted them on the site yet as I am busy but promise that every time I feel like a snack during the next 10 days that I will post those instead.

If you have thought about it, jump on! The winter is coming and there is no better time to get into good eating habits han before the season in which most people let themselves go.

Until Tomorrow!


Jump on board!

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