Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

The Holidays are the time when we spend time with loved ones and appreciate being with one another for another year. Most of us spend a lot of time around the dining room table eating and drinking and laughing together. Why not give a 10 Day Celebrity Transformation to a loved one that always has a “New Years Resolution” to lose weight. You have all seen what it can do and there is NO BETTER way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle than this 10 Day Proven program.

That’s Not All…

To put the “icing on the cake”, I will personally coach each and every person who is gifted a 10 Day Transformation from Live Organic. I am going to be leading a “New year, New You” 10 Day Transformation Cleanse and each person who buys a cleanse can message me and I will add whomever they are buying the cleanse for to the group. They will get 10 Days of coaching from a Certified Nutritionist (Me) during the cleanse and I will put together a personalized plan for them to succeed beyond the 10 Day Cleanse including meal plans, snacks, and a workout tailored to them individually.

What are you waiting for? You all know that I have $50 gift cards for each for each of you to use as my friends so you can save $50 on the gift as well. Message me for details at [email protected]


Give the Gift of Health!!

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Post Thanksgiving Group Cleanse

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