Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have been bombarded with questions this weekend and it seems that the overwhelming theme is that people don’t seem to understand that food isn’t for pleasure, it’s for fuel. What happens to your car when you put watered down cheap gas in your tank? It sputters and stalls just like your body when you put shitty food in it. Would you put cheap shitty gas in your car? No? Then why put shitty food in your body? Losing weight requires zero exercise it just requires the proper diet. You literally are what you eat so remember that when you go to shove a cupcake or hot dog into your mouth. Your body can’t extract nutrition from a cupcake so why eat it? Because “it tastes good”? Your car might like the taste of some sugar in it’s gas tank too but that will not make it work optimally it will break it down just like that cupcake will you. Think about your body and why you treat it worse than you treat your car. How many cars will you have in a lifetime?? You only get 1 body you can have 20 cars.

How does the 10-Day Transformation shred fat so well?

The 10-Day Transformation is amazing because of the science behind why it works. Let me break it down into its simplest form. The 10-Day Transformation consists of:

  • The Power Shake
  • The Master Amino Acid Pattern
  • Apothe-Cherry Concentrate
  • Flex Foods-organic fruits and vegetables

    The Power Shake contains 12 Organic ingredients including organic spirulina, organic wheat grass, and organic activated barkey. The Power Shake provides you with perfect cellular nutrition and only 150 calories per serving. You take this 3 times per day and your cells are nourished.

    The Master Amino Acid Pattern is a predigested vegan protein that has a 99% net nitrogen utilization within 23 minutes and zero waste. This is clinically proven to build muscle without exercise. This builds muscle and also protects your muscle from being used as an energy source.

    The Apothe-Cherry Concentrate is a Tart Cherry Concentrate with 7,000 ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) units per serving that naturally contains melatonin. You take this before bed and it helps you sleep and also is a powerful antioxidant to help detox you while sleeping.

    Since your cells are nourished from the shakes and your muscles are building and protected from the Master Aminos, where does your body go to for energy? Stored Fat!! Your body is forced to use stored fat for energy so you literally see fat melt off of you during the 10 days. You are only getting about 600 calories per day from the shakes and aminos and maybe 100-200 more from your flex foods so you are burning about 2000 calories of fat per day. How can you beat that?

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