10 Day Celebrity Transformation- Day 9

5/16-End of Day 9 6:30 am and I just woke up without an alarm from 8.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I could get very used to this I just visited my new best friend Mr. Scale and once again he made me feel amazing to start my day. 219.9 lbs which means I dropped 1.4 lbs yesterday for a grand total of 16.9 lbs in 9 days. Add in the 9 lbs I lost during prep and I am at 25.9 lbs lost in 20 days. Amazing, yes. Life changing, yes. Am I done? Oh Hell no! All I can think about is yesterday. I had the most amazing lunch yesterday of slices of four different color raw organic peppers. The flavor was off the charts and I was full for so long I forgot to have my lunch shake until a coworker reminded me. Talk about different from three weeks ago before I decided to make a change and prepare when I was eating sandwiches for lunch. Lunch meat is processed. Bread is made with grain that has been genetically modified. Cheese is processed. Condiments…HA. I am so glad my eyes were opened to how I was poisoning myself every day. No longer! Have a great Friday everyone!

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