10 Day Celebrity Transformation- Day 8

5/15-End of Day 8 We are DIRECTLY in the line of a serious storm so I am wide awake at 5:46 but feeling refreshed as I was in bed at 10:30. I just hit the scale and weighed in at 221.3 which means I lost another half pound of fat yesterday! 8 day total of 15.5 lbs. did you know that for every pound of fat you put on, you body has to grow 7 miles of new blood vessels, arteries, and capillaries. That means my heart has to pump blood through 108.5 less miles of pointless distance. Talk about a benefit! I have two days left of this cleanse but the odds of me stopping in two days are about a billion to one. I am getting perfect nutrition so why stop? I am taking the most advanced Predigested vegetable protein on the planet that doesn’t even make it to my intestines before being absorbed so zero waste. The shake is a blend of the greenest super foods on the planet. It’s ab’s or bust. I’m not hungry, I feel fantastic, and I am full of energy.

It’s funny that I am literally exposing myself to so many during this journey and the people leaving negative comments lack the personal clarity to realize that they are showing personal insecurities to all that read them. If you don’t feel good about yourself, jump on board. Make a change. Don’t project outward at someone who is actually doing something while you sit there and hate. Get healthy for your loved ones. My new family of people who have made a lifestyle change is 425 strong in my particular group and 6 of you reading this are now a part that group. You have read the success stories, the diabetics and people on dialysis that are now healthy. The moms that have lost 10 lbs in 10 days while having a gluten allergy. It’s real. GMOs and toxins will kill you. This will cleanse you. Your call. Live Organic

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