10 Day Celebrity Transformation- Day 6

5/13-End of Day 6 – Day 6- Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a good night of sleep and is feeling as healthy and refreshed as I am! Today marks the beginning of day 7. This morning I weighed in at 223.0 so I lost .6 lb yesterday. Not too shabby and. I think that means that most of the toxins are out of me and my body is just attacking fat now. This anabolic cleanse rocks because the Master Aminos you take three times per day protects your body’s muscle from being used as energy so it’s the fat that gets attacked! Because the weight loss has slowed I think I need to “measure” my results this far. Today is the first day I am going to take measurements since before I started so here we go.


I am floored. I went down a loop on my belt two days ago and a shirt size as well but I am speechless.  Socrates I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to this lifestyle. You have a new brother my man! I have had quite a few people reach out to me and I would be honored to coach anyone through this as Socrates has done for me. Forget about pounds, you lose inches and make yourself healthier to live a longer life for your children. Anyone that has “known” me knows that I lost my father when he was only 41. I want to be there to aggravate my kids until my grandchildren are 41 and Purium is helping to get my course righted.