10 Day Celebrity Transformation- Day 3

5/10-End of Day 3 – Day 3 complete. I have done a total of zero minutes of working out (it is prohibited while doing the 10 day transformation as exercise causes stress on the body) and today the scale said 228.2 which means I lost 1 pound yesterday AND I had my last two wisdom teeth removed and am all hopped up on penicillin and Percocet which isn’t part of the diet. Three days, 8.6 lbs 100% organic and GMO free. I fell asleep at 10 last night and woke up this morning feeling amazing. I implore each and every one of you reading this to detoxify yourself from processed foods and GMOs. I will give every one of you a $50 coupon to buy your Purium as my buddy Socrates Steven Zayas from Eckerd went GMO free, got ripped and healthy without exercise, and he gave me $50 off and I promised to pay it forward. www.liveorganic.info if you wanna get healthy message me for the $50 coupon code. Pictures coming tomorrow from the start and after 4 days.

After 3 Days

Start vs. After Day 3