10 Day Celebrity Transformation- Day 10

Starting Weight- 236.8 Ending Weight- 219.0 Weight Loss- 17.8 pounds in 10 days

5/17-End of day 10 Good morning everyone! I hope everyone slept well! Today marks the end of my 10 day transformation so I took all of my final measurements and weight for the challenge. This morning I weighed it at exactly 219.0. This brings my 10 day weight loss total to -17.8 lbs. My measurement tally goes as follows:

Weight236.8219.0-17.8 lbs
Pant Size3834-4
Shirt SizeXLL-1 Size

I detoxed my body of GMOs and processed foods, got internally healthy through amazing nutrition, and the ancillary benefit was I lost 17.8 lbs and 14″ in ten days. Unreal. I am going to follow in my boy Socrates footsteps and mix in a meal every day this week and work out like a beast and next week I am gonna start another ten days. Why not? I feel amazing. I am only losing fat and gaining muscle. I have never in my life had an opportunity to go from fat to shredded in a calendar month so let’s shoot for the moon! Get ready for bathing suit season everyone! Get healthy for your kids!

After 10 Days

After 10 Days

Start vs. After Day 10

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