Happy Fathers Day to all the gentlemen out there with kids. I hope you relax today and are spoiled rotten by your children and spouse if you have one. Fathers Day Quiz time. Do you know what happens when you spend an hour on the driving range, 30 minutes on the putting green, and then 3 hours doing yard work including mowing, trimming, edging, and pool vacuuming?

Answer: you lose a ton of weight if you are using Purium. I weighed in at exactly 208 so I am down 4.6 lbs from yesterday (and 8.2 for the two days). That is my new one day and two day record. I had the most flex foods I have ever had in a day including two organic apples and some organic cucumber slices with organic cayenne pepper and mashed organic avocado. The one thing that might have helped is I used 8.8 pH alkaline water in my power shakes and with all my Master Aminos. Maybe I will replicate yesterday like groundhog day and see if I can lose like that every day lol. From now until I get where I wanna be physically, I’m going dark..no more selfies. Instead I am going to ask the people I help to share their stories and pictures here. When I post another picture it will hopefully be at the end of this ten days and I will be where I want to be.

My site is getting a fresh new look this week so it is more blog friendly as I do this entire site and blog in raw HTML which takes a good while everyday so be on the lookout. Have a fantastic Fathers Day everyone!