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Delray Beach Organic Spa
Looking for a Delray Beach organic spa? Look no further than Bella Reina Spa. For Delray Beach, this is the only spa that fits this description. Just north of Atlantic Avenue, in the All-American city, Bella Reina knows that being an organic spa means a dedication to an eco-friendly environment. By using vegan and organic products and incorporating “green” choices for guests enjoyment, the spa has reduced their footprint and gained client appreciation at the same time.

The boutique spa, on the “Delray Hot List” and in the Top Spas of Florida, has taken the responsibility of a Delray Beach organic spa to a dynamic level. To CEO and creator of Bella Reina, Nancy Reagan, “nature or a blend of nature has a cure for mostly what ails us”, she says. Through a combination of nutrition and skin care, Reagan loves their success rate with clients.

This Delray Beach organic spa is quick to note that it’s what the spa doesn’t use that really counts. Cruelty-free makeup, organic skin care, vegan nail polish are just a few of the spa’s boutique finds. The goal is create well-being from the inside to the outside. The real discovery is that the spa’s overall chemical footprint is minuscule.

The spa started on the journey of more conscious choices about 3 years ago when client with cancer started to request organic massage creme. The spa team discovered that if they walked the walk, then the clients would take their beauty goals and health seriously. As each client request was fielded, each of the departments started to modify their services.

The massage and nail departments were the first to become completely eco-friendly and as “clean” as possible. The massage department fielded about ten different massage creams that were designated organic, only to find that they did not glide or they smelled too organic. Finally settling on a cream, the rest of the process proved easier.

The aromatherapy created by Bella Reina, was already as organic as possible. The essential oil blends utilized are handcrafted, wildcrafted and cold pressed for amazing purity. Even the vegan nail polish is 7 free from chemicals for an eco-friendly spa.

This Delray Beach organic spa takes it one step further serving alkaline water, organic teas and organic snacks to clients. The peppermints and the lollipops that sit on the manicure bar are organic. The journey to become a boutique organic spa comes with responsibilities. For this, the team at Bella Reina Spa takes with with great pride. The roll-out of the new organic skin care is the next step. Stay tuned for more on how you can stay beautiful at this Delray Beach organic spa.

Bella Reina Spa

815 George Bush Blvd
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