Daylight Savings – Lets Turn Back OUR Clocks!

This Sunday is great. We get an extra hour of sleep and it will finally be light out on Monday morning when I go to the gym. We get to “turn back the clocks”. I think it only fitting that this is a great time for us to have a “Turn Back Our Clocks” session. If you look at me today against me from April I look at least 5-10 years younger and feel 20 years younger. I have been working to turn back my clock for months now and the hard work is showing. Many of you have been following along and I think you for this. Something I dont often talk about is that fact that cleansing your insides does a LOT more than just help you lose weight. It makes you look and feel much younger.

Case and point: My Brotha Socrates. Socrates was my motivation to get on the healthy train as he is a decade older than me and has gone from this to this in a few months:

Socrates Before and After

I followed in his footsteps and followed his playbook and BOOM!


Now the two of us want YOU to jump in and look and feel a decade younger. Lets turn back our clocks together!!
What do you have to lose besides health issues, excess weight, sleepless nights, aches, pains, and skin issues? We left all that stuff in the dust and you can too! We are gonna get a group of 15 people to rock and roll this month and shred off YEARS. Jump in. Message us on Facebook to come on board!
Until Tomorrow!!


Lets Turn Back OUR Clocks!

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