Coconut Oil Pulling

I have been reading a lot lately about different ways to detox. Ayurvedic medicine has become sort of a hobby of mine as I have found many great benefits to following its practices. The one thing I have read a lot about is “oil pulling” and the health benefits people have reaped from it so I figured I would give it a try.

The History of Oil Pulling and its benefits

Oil Pulling is an Ayurvedic dental technique in which you swish around a tablespoon of oil in your mouth (on an empty stomach) for 20 minutes. Swishing the oil around in your mouth is supposed to draw out the toxins from your body but it has a lot of other benefits as well. These benefits include:

  • Better Breath
  • Whiter Teeth
  • Gingivitis Prevention
  • Cavity Prevention
  • Stronger gums and teeth
  • A hangover cure
  • Relief from TMJ
  • Clearer skin (acne and eczema improvement)


Why Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling?

I chose to use coconut oil for my oil pulling because of its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. I used about a tablespoon and swished it around in my mouth for about 10 minutes for my first go around. When finished I spit the oil into the trash (because oil will harden and clog drains) and then brushed my teeth. I can honestly say that my teeth and mouth have never felt so clean. I literally feel like I just left the dentists office from a teeth cleaning. I actually had my kids try it too as we take a Holistic Approach to their oral care as well. They actually go to a dentist that is the top Boca Raton Pediatric Holistic Dentist named Dr Saadia Mohammed. I asked her about the oil pulling and she is all for it for the kids!

I am a new believer in Coconut Oil Pulling! I am certainly going to continue to do this on a daily basis but was so excited with the results that I wanted to write about it and share it with all of you so you too can try it out. Let me know in the comments how it worked for you!