Skin Apeel – Boca Raton’s Premier Organic Spa

Being an organic spa means dedication to both clean ingredients and business practices.  Where will you find a multitude of exclusive skin /body care from nature’s raw bounty?  Look no further than Skin Apeel, named South Florida’s Best Holistic Spa.   Float within a lavender cocoon, while browsing the ultimate pure boutique.  Discover cold pressed and chirally correct products with integrity and life force.  The spa’s vendors step beyond organic with bio-dynamic farming to sustain nutrient rich soil quality.  This yields an end product that fortifies the person’s energetic health.  In turn, the skin responds favorably, being the mirror organ reflecting one’s internal status, or well-being.  Skin Apeel makes purity their priority, leading to a significant difference with overall results and health.

Boca Raton Organic Spa makes purity their priority

Skin Apeel organic spa feeds skin and soul

This twenty three year business employs responsible practices. These include recycled materials for printing and promotions. The obvious paper choice to represent their natural brand is kraft paper.  This allows for recycling, with post consumer waste, as well as after use.  Printing is done with soy inks to protect the environment. Manufacturers must be certified cruelty free to gain a position on their boutique shelves.  Many conscious choices add to the holistic vibe and consistent pure experience.

Guests can feel secure knowing the serene environment uses quality eco-friendly cleaning products, leaving the smallest footprint behind.  Essential oils and low ph water sterilize the inviting spa space.  Laundry detergent is bio-degradable and fragrance-free. Dryer sheets are not permitted, to prevent chemical residue on guest linens and towels.  The organic spa culture is true to form, and continues to evolve, while promoting beauty through wellness.  Each team member talks the talk and walks the walk.  The hiring process ensures that a potential candidate’s contribution reinforces the holistic setting.  Clients are educated as part of every treatment experience, with options to implement clean care into their day to day living.

In keeping with the warm and welcoming hospitality, this organic spa serves light morsels and beverages.

Guests may refresh with organic salt-free trail mix, vegetables, fruits, chocolates and signature spa lunch.  The beverage bar hydrates inside and out with alkaline, micronized water, infused with organic seasonal fruit. A team of two female nutritionists, formulate pure tea concentrates, sweetened with stevia and lohan squash, with selections changing daily.  Delicious loose hot teas served in a visually pleasing manner, are both organic and non-gmo.

Product partners are carefully selected, with criteria that they source clean raw materials.  A few of the top contenders include Eminence, Jurlique, Naturopathica, Arcona, Epicuren and Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Clients can feel confident that their expert care is safe, pure and effective.  The vast service menu is comprised of 75% organic spa offerings.    Recently added to the venue, is the new gluten-free package, to further accommodate specific needs and well being.  The treatments are frequently updated, and only those that define holistic make the intriguing service list.

When possible, organic spa linens, robes and towels are purchased.  It’s commonplace for guests to enter the retreat to pause, breathe and experience a total escape from reality.  More pure touches add ultra purified air, gently infused with plant based aromatherapy.   Kimberley Knapp, the passionate founder, shares that our skin absorbs everything we touch and experience, making it imperative to choose an organic spa.  Skin Apeel’s pure priority mission is to benefit long standing team members, loyal clients, and our fragile planet.

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