What is my biggest problem after my 10-Day Celebrity Transformation?

10-day celebrity transformation problem

Nothing Fits!!!

These were my favorite jeans. My “go-to” jeans. Now they are nothing more than another item in my “donate” pile. I put on 8 pair of pants this morning to leave the house…none fit! I own a grand total of 2 pair of pants that actually fit out of roughly 25 pair of dress pants and 6 pair of jeans. I had to go shopping on Saturday to buy a pair of shorts that fit to go to a party. I own zero bathing suits that fit, my boxers are all too big, I am wearing a shirt I bought in college during volleyball season (which means I was at my fittest) and I am literally swimming in it. I guess when people ask “Is that 10 Day Celebrity Transformation you are doing expensive?”, the real answer is “not up front, but it is down the road with all the clothes shopping you will need to do”.

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