Round 4 Day 1 – 210.1 lbs

10-Day Celebrity Transformation Round 4 Day 1

Started Day 1 of round 4 today at the gym at 7am with an insane workout (do not try this on round 1 people) as I have a pretty good handle on how my body responds to the cleanse at this point. The goal is to pack on muscle while shredding off fat. I have changed my Master Amino Acid Pattern intake for this cleanse to 7 MAPs 3x a day plus 9 more after my daily workout for a total of 30/day. Lets see how this works out.

Side note..I have been doing the L.O.V.E. Super Meal maintenance since my last transformation and taking 7 MAPs 3x a day and have put on about 8 pounds while losing inches so i lost maybe 5 lbs of fat and put on 13 lbs or so of muscle. This augmentation is to document how people can put on muscle after shredding off their fat through the power of Purium. I have consulted with quite a few Purium athletes for suggestions so I am more careful during this phase. I also invested in a new scale that syncs with my iPhone so all my measurements are documented for me right on a spreadsheet within an app. Todays start weight was 210.1 lbs. I will keep everyone posted!