10 Day Transformation Round 6 Day 4 Complete

Good evening everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 6 Day 4 and I weighed in at 205.9 pounds for a 1 day loss of 1.2 pounds and a 4 day loss of 8.2 pounds. I think I am at my “baseline” as far as how far down I want to go in terms of fat loss and I think its time to switch gears. I have been doing this cleanse without the help of flex foods all day and having one flex food at night. As of tomorrow morning at the end of Day 5 I am transitioning my last 5 days to the Athletes Transformation and getting back into the gym.

The little bit of fat I was trying to shred off is gone and my focus is on more lean muscle. My diet when not cleansing is to the point that I am only cleansing now to burn fat as I am eating BEYOND clean.
A normal day for me now consists of:

  • Master Aminos, Super Life, Bee Energetic, Astaxanthin, and Ionic Trace Elements when I wake up
  • A one hour workout and 25 minute steam
  • A Shake with Power Shake, L.O.V.E., Daily Fiber Blend, Rice Bran Solubles, and Cracked Cell Chlorella for breakfast with Master Aminos and Super Xanthin after my workout
  • Master Aminos at 11:30
  • Either another Shake like the one I have for breakfast or sashimi, seaweed salad, veggies, and boneless chicken for lunch
  • A light shake with greens at 2-3pm
  • Master Aminos and Ionic Elements at 4:30
  • Organic carrots/organic english cucumber and organic hummus for snack
  • Organic Veggies, Organic Beans, (and wild caught salmon some days) for dinner
  • Organic carrots/organic english cucumber and organic hummus for snack
  • Apothe Cherry nightcap

With this diet on a daily basis I dont really need to do a 10 Day Transformation Cleanse as I am basically living the 10 Day Athletes Transformation on a daily basis. This is why I feel like 5 days is good at this point.

Something I wanted to comment on for everyone reading this is the scale you use at home. I have a fancy scale that syncs with an app on my phone and tracks weight, muscle mass, body fat, etc. These scales are cool but the only thing they are any good for is the weight. The way they measure body fat is beyond ridiculous so please pay ZERO attention to what they say. The way they read your body fat is by sending a current up one foot, across your pelvis, and down your other leg out your foot to the scale. This can be affected by sooo many things like foot calluses, body hydration, scar tissue, and foreign objects in your legs.

The reason I mention the foreign objects and scar tissue is because that is what is screwing the readings up in my case. Many of you may not know that I have had both of my ankles reconstructed. I had my left ankle reconstructed in 1997 and my right ankle reconstructed in 2001. Both injuries can be attributed to my tennis and volleyball careers in high school and college as I suffered countless sprained ankles to the point where they were loose and I wore Active Ankles when playing sports. Both finally gave way while not wearing the Active Ankles (surprise surprise). The amount of scar tissue in my ankles slows down the current to the point where my scale doesnt even come close to a proper reading. I know this because I have calipers I use to measure my body fat and my scale is high anywhere from 7-12%. If you have a scale that reads body fat do not take the reading literally unless you have zero dead skin on your feet and no scar tissue in your legs.

Alright I am off to bed and hitting the gym in the morning.

Until Tomorrow!!


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Round 6 Day 4

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