10 Day Transformation Round 6 Day 3 Complete

Good evening everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 6 Day 3 and I weighed in at 207.1 pounds for a 1 day loss of 1.2 pounds and a 3 day loss of 7.0 pounds. I had an eye infection so my body was busy fighting that the past two days so I didnt see the results I could have had my body had the chance to focus on cleansing instead of healing but I am happy to be over it. I used monoatomic colloidal silver from Earthborn Products to heal my eye..amazing stuff really as it is known to kill almost every bacteria and virus known to man. I am guessing that is why the FDA hates it because it could singlehandedly destroy big pharma. I use it to crush colds, infections, cuts, or anything else that my body might have to face. If you have never used it I highly recommend it.

I am into the “cruise control” phase of the cleanse where the cravings have subsided and my daily routine is set. I feel amazing and the pounds are flying off despite my infection. I keep reading in my timeline about people doing 8 week challenges and at the end of 8 weeks and countless hours in the gym and hundreds of dollars of organic foods they lose 10-15 pounds. Why spend 56 days, hundreds of dollars on food, and 50-100 hours in the gym doing something you can do in 10 days for under $200 is my question? If you truly want to see results I have hundreds of before and after pictures to show you and I am living breathing proof that this works. Off my soap box and onto taking my 4:30 Master Aminos. I will post some photos after day 5 to show my progress.

Until Tomorrow!!


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Round 6 Day 3

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