10 Day Transformation Round 6 Day 2 Complete

Good evening everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 6 Day 2 and I weighed in at 208.3 pounds for a 1 day loss of 2 pounds and a 2 day loss of 5.8 pounds. Things are going very well and I have added cracked cell chlorella to my shakes for a super chlorophyll kick! I am cleansing concurrently with some of you and I love the camaraderie of being in this together. Having a support system is key for success and that is why we have a private Facebook support group for my team. This group is also great for those of you thinking about cleansing to see just what its all about, ask questions, and see results from people you may know other than yours truly. There are two more days until Halloween and I am going to be READY for my costume.

The holidays are fantastic as we spend lots of time with family and friends and pose in a LOT of pictures. Why not try to look your very best for those pictures? Do you have family holiday pictures coming up? Why not shred down and look your best? Alright thats all for now its time to hit the hay and get my 8 hours as sleep is HUGE when cleansing so your body has time to repair itself from the inside out.

Until Tomorrow!!


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Round 6 Day 2

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