10 Day Transformation Round 6 Day 1 Complete

Good afternoon everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 6 Day 1 and I weighed in at 210.3 pounds for a 1 day loss of 3.8 pounds. I have spent the last two months working out to put on muscle and have been eating clean. I am doing another 10 Day Transformation to lose even more fat as apparently I still have quite a bit remaining.

To think that I have been eating clean since May 1st and done 5 – 10 Day Transformations since then is awesome. I look and feel fantastic. This entire journey has shown me just how bad conventional foods are for your body as I have been busting my ass for almost 6 months to get down to a weight and size that is right for my height. I started this cleanse strategically so that I would finish on my 6 month anniversary from the date I started my first.

I have had so many of you come to me seeking advice, asking questions, and picking my brain about foods and health in general. I am so proud to have coached over 100 people through this process and my team has lost over 2000 pounds combined! Thats 1 Ton of fat! I have had many of you on the fence about making the change to a healthier lifestyle and trust me when i say that this 10 Day Transformation is the best possible kickstart to break bad habits, kill food addictions, and start the journey to a new healthier you. The holidays are around the corner. There is no better time to reset your body and get rid of cravings and food addictions and prepare yourself for success so you dont need to “lose weight for bathing suit weather” in the spring.

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Make the decision to MAKE A CHANGE and “Transform” your body to the way it was intended to be before the holidays!

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Round 6 Day 1

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