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10 Day Transformation Round 5 Day 9 Complete

Good afternoon everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 5 Day 9 and I weighed in at 199.7 pounds for a 1 day loss of 1.4 pounds, a 9 day loss of 12.8 pounds and since prep (2 day prep) I am down 15.8 pounds. I am .2 pounds below my goal weight of 199.9 and have 1 day left to further crush my goal and get below 199! Yesterday I lifted weights in the morning for the first time since I started this 10 Day Cleanse. I did a couple of sets of each body part to hit all my muscle groups and get the blood flowing all over my body. BOOM!

My fellow transformers are killing it as of right now. Ryan said he is down 10.5 pounds after 6 days, Anthony is down over 15 pounds in 9 days and over 10 total inches, Jakob is down double digits in the pounds department and is down a ridiculous amount of inches including over 4″ in his waist alone, Andrew is down over 15 pounds in 7 days and is feeling amazing, and a BUNCH of you have inquired within. Dont read this next week and think “gee, I could have lot 10 pounds already but I have been procrastinating”. Jump on board. Get it for your spouse that needs motivation. I am here for all of you to coach you to health and help get rid of those effin GMO’s which are poisoning you!!
Remember that you cannot go back and start a new beginning but you can start TODAY and make a new ending!!!
Until Tomorrow!!


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Round 5 Day 3

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