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10 Day Transformation Round 5 Day 8 Complete

Good afternoon everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 5 Day 8 and I weighed in at 201.1 pounds for a 1 day loss of 1.3 pounds, an 8 day loss of 11.4 pounds and since prep (2 day prep) I am down 14.4 pounds. I am 1.3 pounds from my goal weight of 199.9 and have 2 days left to do it. I am sure I will hit it tomorrow morning and if so we are all good!

I have received some amazing feedback from people today as I have one person finished with 7 days and is 15 pounds down since his 2 day prep, another down 17 pounds after 8 days including prep and yet another down 4″ on his waist in 8 days!! Amazing results all around! Remember that you cannot go back and start a new beginning but you can start TODAY and make a new ending!!!
Until Tomorrow!!


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Round 5 Day 8

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