10 Day Transformation Round 5 Day 7 Complete

Good afternoon everyone!! This morning was the end of Round 5 Day 7 and I weighed in at 202.4 pounds for a 1 day loss of .9 pounds, a 7 day loss of 10.1 pounds and since prep (2 day prep) I am down 13.1 pounds. I am 2.5 pounds from my goal and have 3 days to achieve it. This isnt going to be easy as I really don’t have anything left to lose at this point and as soon as this cleanse ends i am going to be working my ass off in the gym to pack on some good lean muscle.

My goal going into this cleanse was to shred off the fat I had left on me as I had just worked out for 30 days straight and ate about 3-5 pounds of veggies PER DAY to pack on lean muscle mass. This worked but I thought I still had a lot of fat left and I wasn’t where I needed to be. I was actually closer than I thought. I have re-evaluated what I think my perfect “walking around” weight should be as I thought it should be around 195 but I dont even think it is possible to get down that low without losing muscle now that I just packed a bunch on. We learn every day along our journey and our results and goals can adapt from what we learn. Now I think I should walk around at 215 and be muscular.

I think what this tells us is that what we “think” we should weigh might not actually be what we should actually weigh (I was 20 pounds low in my guess). The key is to start getting healthy and learn about your body and how it reacts to things along the way. I know my journey has just begun and I have LONG way to go to be where I want in terms of flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. The key is that I wake up every morning and work toward that goal.

Getting the spark to actually start the journey seems to be the toughest part for everyone so let me spark you!!! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! The kicker? I will help you and coach you along the way. You get my experience and the experience of my team which includes, personal trainers, doctors, nutritionists, bodybuilders, and world class athletes.
What are you waiting for? Tomorrow is always a day away. If you want to start something you set your mind to it and Just Do It!
Until Tomorrow!!


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